Maria Linden, a Swedish artist writes and performs under the moniker of I Break Horses. Her much anticipated  sophomore effort is slated to drop sometime next year but her latest single “Faith” represents a more electronic dance music turn to her work. Interestingly, “Faith” makes a subtle nod to industrial and ambient electronica – thanks in part to anxious, buzzing synths, icily swirling electronics and Linden’s seductively cooed vocals. 

Certainly, once you hear the track it’ll sound kind of familiar. In some way, it may remind you of Giorgio Moroder’s icily hypnotic yet sexy output of the 80s. as well as late 80s/early 90s house and industrial music. 

The video, which was directed by Magnus Hardner, was shot in a cinematic and lush black and white in and around Stockholm, Sweden. I can help but notice how the beads of moisture and steam look both alien and familiar in black and white …