With the World Cup in Brazil in a few months, it seems both fitting and prescient that there have been a number of albums from Brazilian artists or heavily-inspired by Brazilian music being released over the last few months. Much like the sounds coming out of Africa, the sounds of Brazil are either sadly unfamiliar or only maybe one particular genre is known – in the case of Brazil, I think most Americans may have a vague knowledge of samba and bossa nova without realizing how deeply influential it is to contemporary Brazilian music.

Luisa Maita, is one of the up-and-coming stars of contemporary Brazilian music as her sound is heavily influenced by the environs and spirit of Sao Paulo, her hometown. In other words, her sound manages to incorporate elements of downtempo electronica, contemporary pop, as well as samba, bossa nova in a way that draws comparisons to the likes of Ceu, Bebel Gilberto and others. While vocally, she’s been compared to the likes of Sade, Billie Holliday, Feist and countless others – all of which are pretty fair comparisons. But much like her countrymen, Maita’s sound is breezily tropical and will make you dream of spending time on a tropical island … 

Maita actually has two NYC area dates, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Allen Room on the 21st and the 22nd but just before she lands Stateside, she made a guest spot on the silky smooth, Da Lata track, “Un Amor A Mais,” The track has an infectiously funky groove that really brings out the sultriness of Maita’s voice in unexpected ways. And it manages to have that samba swing while being absolutely contemporary.