Released at the end of January, Too True, the third and latest effort from the Dum Dum Girls reveals a decided change in sonic direction for the band – the lo-fi, 60s girl pop aesthetic has been replaced with a polished, sleek, goth/New Wave sound full of reverb and delay pedal-effects guitars, which heavily evokes a dark seductive quality.  And lyrically, the songs move away from the heartache/heartbreak of their previous efforts, as there has been an attempt to create lyrics that are much more direct and straightforward. 

Sub Pop Records, Vice’s Noisey, MOCAtv recently presented a short film written by Bret Easton Ellis, featuring the Dum Dum Girls’ Dee Dee Penny, Shiloh Fernandez and the Dum Dum Girls’ “Are You Okay?” in a deeply disturbing and gorgeously short film – and by short film, the video employs imagery that evokes a deeply unsettling anxiety of a psychological thriller while being strangely beautiful. The split screen that actually begins the section of the film which features the single is a particularly interesting narrative device that pushes the story ahead in time to the protagonist’s eventually trip into the desert of Joshua Tree and an abandoned house. The image of Dee Dee reflected upside down from the ceiling as she walks into the house is both a trippy and gorgeous image; as well as the brooding storm across the broad expanse of sky… 

Interestingly, the video is sort of a homage to Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill and if you’ve seen the film, i imagine that you’d see how much it’s inspired the video.