Such Hounds, the Brooklyn-based quartet of Matt Martin, Sean Kraft, Matt Giordano, and Ross Anderson can trace the band’s formation to a serendipitous meeting at a heavy metal show and a hazily drunken Halloween night between Martin (vocals and guitar) and Anderson (drums). Kraft and Giordano were brought in to complete the band and flesh out the band’s sound …

The band has claimed influences as diverse as Neil Young and the Misfits and in some way they manage to evoke Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s spirit – earnest songwriting with a ragged, sprawling, noisy sound. But you can’t forget the heart beating below it’s surface. 

Such Hounds’ latest single, “The Other Side” off their I Hate Summer EP is a nostalgic song from the viewpoint of adults who realize that they have to put some of their more childish concerns away and being an adult. But it also manages to address the compromises, dashed hopes and dreams of adulthood with a bit of bitterness, too.