Chicago-based songwriter and producer Adele Nichols started her latest project Axons, after a moment of profound and frightening loss. Nichols was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011; however, last year Nichols’ condition had worsened to the point that her hands were numb and motionless for a period of several months. During that period, Axons emerged as a way for Nichols to deal with and confront both the emotional and intellectual aspects of living with a serious, chronic illness – in particular, a chronic illness with currently no known cure. 

Physically unable to play guitar and yet having a desperate need to create and express herself, Nichols turned to new ways of composing and creating music, employing the use of vocal loops, drum machines and synthesizers. 

“Still Light,” the first single off the five song Inter VIvos EP consists of stuttering layers of icy synths and swirling reminiscent of Soft Metals “No Turning Back” off their fantastic Lenses but with mournful lyrics that evoke the sense of impending and certain loss by describing it much like being on a boat and seeing the shore gently receding before your eyes. And then you’re all alone …