There are certain events of our lives that can seem to us as though they were preordained by a higher power and not by the randomness chance that pervades most other aspects of our lives. In fact, the formation of the Glasgow, Scotland, UK-based trio the Amazing Snakeheads may equally seem as preordained – Dale Barclay and William Coombe have been childhood friends and Jordan Hutchinson was Dale Barclay’s next door neighbor. And although each man knew each other and they all played music, they never really harbored major ambitions to play in bands as the trio, like most bands were fearful of aiming high and failing big; however, they’ve clearly overcame that fear with the forthcoming release of their debut effort, Amphetamine Ballads

Slated for a July 22nd release, Amphetamine Ballads was recorded at night at The Green Door Studio in their native Glasgow, and as you’ll hear on the the first single “Flatlining,” the band has crafted the soundtrack to the desperate, bruised, broken and lonely souls in the darkened corners of nightclubs, dimly lit, smoke-filled, seedy bars and alleyways, and the recesses of the human heart. I’ve played the single – and in turn, it’s official video – and immediately, I can smell the years of spilled alcohol, sweat and vomit of an old haunt and feel the splinters of its beaten up bar. as though i were there right this second…

Or in other words, sonically speaking the song is comprised of wailing saxophones, ragged guitar and bass chords and a vocalist who sings his lyrics with an snarl that sounds as though his vocal chords had been dipped in acid, whiskey and burned with cigarette butts. it’s intensely visceral and reminds us that rock should always have a sense of unpredictability and danger.