The number of emailed requests from PR firms, labels, bands, artists and record labels I’ve received from all over the world have gone up exponentially over the last few months, providing proof – to me, at least – that I’m on the right path with this site. Plus, I have to admit that having your hard work be recognized by so many people, is pretty fucking cool…

In any case, I recently heard from the Gold Coast, Australia-based indie electro pop artist San Mei. The project started last year, as a bedroom recording project that has quickly grown. Her first single, “Brighter” was released last year to a great reception by new-found fans and the blogosphere, and she follows the success of that song with her latest single, “Wars.” Although she still retains the DIY-production style, the track has an icy, minimalist sheen thanks to the sparse percussion, swirling electronics and layers of subtly pulsating synths. Lyrically, the song describes a somewhat dysfunctional attachment – the love interest at the heart of the song is intriguing and yet enigmatic, to the point of frustration. 

The London-based label, Tidal Wave Sounds will be officially releasing the single on May 12th, so if you dig it – and I think you will – you should cop it.