The Los Angeles, CA-based quartet of Modern Time Machines have been praised for a sound that’s been described as possessing “haunting, bittersweet melodies” and recalling “elements of dream pop, new wave and space rock” as well as a “noisy, romantic hurricane for those who like their rock with intricate layers.” And interestingly, music from the band’s 2012 debut Continuity Girl has also been featured nationally on the Adult Swim TV network with a live performance on the cult hit The Eric Andre Show.

The band’s latest single (and video) “Loveletters” is a hazy, intricately layered bit of shoegaze with gorgeous boy/girl harmonies that’s actually an ode to heartbreak and time travel. And in some way that makes a profound and very instinctual sense; after all, for some of us there’s a part of us that wants to go back and fix what we did wrong or we want to go back to the past to make sure that particular person was never in our lives in the first place… 

The video may arguably be the first time that someone uses a Delorean as a guitar pedal.