As a child, I absolutely adored The Police and some of my earliest musical memories are centered around them, as well as DEVO – in particular, my mother constantly reminds me that as a toddler, The Police’s “Canary in a Coal Mine” was one of my favorite songs. I can also tell you that I must have seen their Synchronicity tour video in Atlanta at least 100 times and I heard a dubbed copy of that tour video about 1,000 more times after that. And then I listened to each Police album so much that I’d likely know each album and each song forward and backwards … 

Interestingly, Greg Dulli in each of his various projects, including the Afghan Whigs has been known for bring a soulful, dark and caustic take on a variety of songs, as they’ve covered the likes of Frank Ocean’s “Lovecrimes,” Jesus Christ Superstar’s “The Temple,” and a host of others. While the Afghan Whigs were in the studio recording the material that wound up comprising their latest effort, Do It To The Beast, they had recorded a cover of The Police’s “Everything She Does Is Magic,” which never made the final album – and was actually forgotten by all but the band’s manager. 

Publicly, Dulli has said that “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is one of his favorite songs off The Police’s Ghost in the Machine and their cover is haunting in the sense that the Afghan Whigs rendition is stripped of even the barest point of hope, leaving behind an desperate, anxious obsession over a lingering ghost.