British producer, DJ and musician Simon Green has been an important part of the global electronic music scene for quite some time, releasing his first single under the moniker of Bonobo back in 1999. Green’s debut full-length, self-produced and self-arranged Animal Magic was released through Tru Magic the following year, and established him as one of the primary figures in the downtempo electronica movement. But by the time he had released his fourth album, Black Sands, which was released to breathless critical praise, Green’s sound had expanded to include the use of gamelan, Afrobeat and Middle Eastern music, and in some way that expanded sound fed into his fifth full-length album, The North Borders which is comprised of stunningly gorgeous, cinematic compositions as the material employed the use of electronics with live orchestration, mixed with slowly rousing percussive tracks. One critic described the album as being appropriate for the wee hours but I’ll add that it’s also appropriate for hanging out in a park as the day turns into dusk and then evening with a slight breeze kissing your shoulder … 

Interestingly, The North Borders also was part of a growing trend among electronic music artists and producers to not only reveal their true musical chops but also their collective desire to create an evocative, nuanced sound that required more than a guy tapping away at a sampler and a laptop. 

After two years of touring to support The North Borders Green will be releasing the Flashlight EP through Ninja Tune Records on December, and EP album track “Flashlight” reveals an increasingly subtle change in sound while retaining the downtempo feel and vibe he’s been known for; in fact, comprised of skittering percussion, swirling electronics and a throbbing bass line, “Flashlight” sounds as though it possesses subtle elements of house music – and he does so with an increasing warmth to his overall sound. There’s a living, breathing being just underneath that ice, just waiting to be aroused from its slumber.