As a native Queens boy, it frequently seems as though my home borough is a sort of barren wasteland artistically, although that isn’t quite the case. After all, The Ramones, one of the world’s greatest and most beloved punk rock bands hailed from Forest Hills; Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were from Kew Garden Hills; Run DMC, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Ja Rule and countless others all represented Hollis and/or South Jamaica; Nas, Mobb Deep and several others were from Queensbridge; Akinyele and Kool G. Rap (the emcee’s emcee) hailed from my hometown of Corona; Homeboy Sandman, hailed from nearby Elmhurst; and the list continues if you add the artists who had spent some period of time living in Queens – and it includes the likes of John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Cannonball Adderley, Madonna, and a host others. Also, Jack Kerouac spent time living in both Richmond Hill and Ozone Park; in fact, sections of his beloved On the Road was written when he lived in Ozone Park. 

Interestingly, Dart Party is a Queens-baesd DJ, producer and remixer, who has largely been influenced by pop music, house music, nu-disco and trance, and the Queens-based artist has been receiving quite a bit of attention internationally for his remixes of Lemonade’s “Softkiss,” Ghost Beach’s “Moon Over Japan”  and of Step Rocket’s “Kisser.” In fact, Dart Party’s remixes of “Moon Over Japan” and “Kisser” both landed on Hype Machine’s Top 20 remixes. Certainly, in this age that kind of success suggests that the Queens-based artist is an up-and-coming name …

His first single “Going My Way” will further cement Dart Party’s reputation for a slick production style that manages to possess an uncanny resemblance to 90s house – the layers of propulsive synths, hot flashes of synths and the soulful yet distorted vocal sample may remind some of the more erudite audiophiles of C&C Music Factory and others but with an incredibly contemporary twist.