Cut Copy started off rather humbly – as a bedroom recording project of designer and DJ Dan Whitford, and with the addition of Tim Hoey (guitars), Ben Browning (bass) and Mitchell Scott (drums), the project not only became a fully-realized band, they quickly became an international sensation after the release of their critically applauded sophomore effort, In Ghost Colours. And over the past decade, as the band has played more than 1,000 live shows and an increasing number of major festivals, the band has sparked international attention towards Melbourne Australia’s emerging dance music scene.

The members of the Melbourne, Australia-based quartet wanted to document their hometown’s dance music scene and they’ve done so by releasing a compilation they’ve titled, Oceans Apart through the band’s label, Cutter Records, Interestingly, the compilation is an ambitious survey of Melbourne’s party crews, label rosters and solo artists in a continuous mix, which reflects what you’d hear in a club …

The band also released a short documentary film which briefly introduces a number of the acts which appear on Oceans Apart and some of that country’s dance scene’s personalities. What makes it interesting is that many of the artists give their thoughts on their artistic process and how Australia’s distinct position as a faraway island continent actually influences many of the artist’s unique take on dance music.