As I’ve mentioned countless times on this site, I receive an enormous amount of email on a daily and weekly basis, and naturally some emails fall down the unfortunate wormhole of my inbox. And as the year was closing out, I was going through some of my email and came across something I wish I would have posted earlier …

If you’ve been on this page you may have come across a rather prolific DJ and producer, DJ JS-1. The Queens-based DJ, turntablist, producer, graffiti writer is something of an anomaly in contemporary hip-hop as he still produces his own albums, releases remixes and has collaborated with a lengthy list of some of hip-hop’s most beloved and legendary emcees. This shouldn’t be terribly surprising as DJ JS-1 has been at it since the 90s. 

His latest effort, it Is What It isn’t features this single, a collaboration between the prolific, Queens-based producer and turntablist, the legendary KRS-One and the emerging emcee, Torae. “Klick Clique” is comprised of old school, woofer and tweeter rattling bass and eerily chiming synths. KRS-One spits some tongue-twisting lyrics with the cadence of an orator giving a fiery speech while Torae spits some street savvy lyrics with a rather dulcet flow. And as i’ve said countless times, real hip-hop is all around you but you gotta find it – it just means that you need to stop listening to those who peddle bullshit like Hot 97 and Power 105.1.