The Oxford, UK-based duo of Vienna Ditto can trace their origins to when members Nigel (production) and Hatty (vocals) met and bonded over a mutual love of Chicago blues, psychedelia and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. A hastily recorded demo wound up receiving airplay on Huw StephensBBC Radio 1 show – and as a result, they won an appearance on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury Festival 2009 (which was interestingly enough, the duo’s second gig, ever), and made appearances on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show, among others. They’ve also been praised for a sound that has been described as “Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack” by Q Magazine, Artrocker and The Fly. 

With the release of “Oh Josephine,” the first single off the Vienna Ditto’s forthcoming full-length effort, Circles, the Oxford-based duo will likely not only break it Stateside but may some noise internationally as the song is comprised of seductive and moodily swirling synths, shimmering guitar chords played through a very gentle wash of reverb and simple yet very precise drum programming paired with Hatty’s gossamer vocals floating through the mix. The vocals manage to express an aching vulnerability just underneath the surface – in some way, it gives the overall moodiness of the song a deeply psychological bent, as if it’s peering into the bruised and damaged psyche of its narrator. 

Admittedly, the track does posses a sexy yet cinematic quality – but for a film noir set in a rainy European metropolis such as Paris, London or Berlin with a ton of double and triple crossing or artistically done, nuanced psychological study of a deeply flawed, troubled man who has difficult connecting with people – until he meets his doppleganger. In each you’d have to throw in a sudden murder to add a murkiness to the proceedings …