The Brooklyn-based experimental pop quintet Pavo Pavo can trace their origins to when the members started writing music together while studying music at Yale University. And since the band’s formation, each of the band’s five members have collaborated with Luke Temple, Roomful of Teeth, Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth and blogosphere darlings, San Fermin.

“Ran Ran Run,” is the A Side of the quintet’s debut single “Ran Ran Run”/”Annie Hall” which officially dropped today – and will likely appear on the band’s forthcoming full-length debut Young Narrator In The Breakers, slated for release later on this year. “Ran Ran Run” is a feverish dream of a song consisting of shimmering synths and ethereal harmonies that gently float over the mix but at the song’s chorus/hook, the song suddenly becomes a frenzied dance party, which seems to evoke a placid body of water, suddenly and unexpectedly becoming turbulent. It also manages to evoke a seemingly pristine utopian future – but if you pay close attention you’ll notice the rot and dysfunction just under the surface… 

Interestingly, the song subtly suggests that we all will get caught in the tide of time, and that ultimately there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it – and that we might as well ride it out during the most difficult time. That is before the song dissipates like smoke before your eyes.