New Video: Introducing the Buoyant and Anthemic Sound of London’s Ten Fe

With the release of their critically praised single “Make Me Better,” the London-based duo Ten Fe, comprised of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan took the blogosphere by storm for a sound that critics internationally have described as darkly Romantic and anthemic electronic-based rock. The duo’s latest single “In The Air” will likely cement the duo’s reputation for anthemic, hook-laden rock as the song pairs Moorhouse’s and Duncan’s earnest harmonies with a driving, motorik groove, layers of shimmering and atmospheric synths and buoyantly anthemic hooks in a song about resilience — Moorhouse, who takes up vocal duties on the song, sings about moving on and forward from a painful experience with hope that things will get better. Certainly, in such perilous times, having some kind of hope that things can and will get better is desperately necessary. Unsurprisingly, such a buoyant and infectiously anthemic song landed at number 2 on Hype Machine‘s charts . . .

Building upon the buzz around their latest single, the duo recently released the music video, which features the duo with the members of their touring band performing the song in front of a variety of lights — with the lighting getting brighter and warmer around the song’s hook.