A couple of years ago, the members of the Austin, TX-based band Spray Paint were in a totally different band altogether, and for reasons they can’t completely recall they would find themselves at practices hanging out, jamming and – well to keep drinking. After recording a few demos that impressed a number of people, the members of Spray Paint started seriously recording and they started to get a ton of attention, playing festivals such as Fun Fun Fun Fest, Chaos in Tejas, SXSW and others. 

“Rest Versus Rust” is the first single off the band’s forthcoming effort Clean Blood, Regular Acid and from hearing the song, you can see why they’ve started to win over the blogosphere and the festival circuit as they have a sound that bears an uncanny resemblance to both Can and Disappears – it’s very abrasiveness hits you at weird angles and yet it manages to be strangely funky. Granted, Spray Paint’s sound manages to be scuzzier and grimier, as though guitar strings were dripped in acid and they were playing with amplifiers with blown out subwoofers and tweeters. It also evokes hearing bands in dark and dingy basements with 20 or 30 other sweaty, dehydrated souls.