A few months ago, I heard from the Gold Coast, Australia-based indie electro pop artist San Mei. The project started last year, as a bedroom recording project that has seen its momentum quickly grow. Her debut single “Brighter” was released last year to a great reception by new-found fans and the blogosphere, and she has continued the success of her debut single with “Wars." 

.Although she still retains the DIY-production style, the track has an icy, minimalist sheen thanks to the sparse percussion, swirling electronics and layers of subtly pulsating synths. Lyrically, the song describes a somewhat dysfunctional attachment — the love interest at the heart of the song is intriguing and yet enigmatic, to the point of frustration. 

The official video plays with the theme of war as it includes old school footage of Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Elvis and some kaleidoscopic effects. And much like the song, it’s done in a DIY fashion.