Although these days, I’m more of a recovering musician, I can remember the first time I had held a musical instrument, and it was naturally extremely exciting and kind of daunting; after all, who hasn’t had dreams of turning into a superstar with fans screaming your name all over the world, right?

But as countless aspiring musicians quickly discover, learning how to play an instrument and be a musician can be rather daunting in the Internet age. Sure, there are countless options in the Internet Age for music lessons; however, as you can imagine, finding material that’s of high quality  and appropriate can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. And many aspiring musicians have quit when they’ve spent time and money on something that’s totally wrong for them.

The folks at Learn How to Play Music (aka Koala Music Publishing) have developed a reputation for creating better ways for the beginner and even seasoned musicians to learn, and improve their techniques. And they’re developing what may be one of the most innovative format for music education yet – Apollo M, a Netflix/Spotify styled on-demand subscription-based music learning and teaching platform for use by aspiring and professional musicians, music educators and music-related businesses. And much like Netflix and Spotify, millions of musicians and music teachers worldwide would be given unlimited access to thousands of the highest quality book, audio and video lessons, podcasts, webTV shows, documentaries, songs, jam tracks, music tools and digital sheet music, covering every popular musical instrument, genre, style and experience. Learned would pay a small fee – about 5 bucks a month while teachers can get on for free. Somehow, that idea strikes  me as pretty cool – and it may get me back to learning the guitar like I had meant to do back in ohh, 1998 or so.

Now the reason I’m mentioning this is that the folks at Learn How to Play Music are asking for your assistance. They have an Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds tor the development and building of the Apollo M app.

Those who pledge will receive access to a beta version of the app in March, Obviously, there are different pledge levels and you’ll receive a variety of benefits for donation. So for more information, check out the following websites: