As a native New Yorker, it’s very easy to not even consider other cities have established music scenes worth paying attention, let alone those with burgeoning music scenes. Besides knowing that Sacramento is California’s state capital, that it’s the home of the Sacramento Kings and that a dear friend once lived there, I couldn’t say that I knew much about the place – or that I particularly cared that is until recently.

Interestingly, California’s capital is the home of self-described party punks G. Green, who are among that city’s up-and-coming acts. Their forthcoming sophomore album, Area Codes produced by Chris Woodhouse is a bit of a sonic departure for the band, as their sound as more of the anxious, angular lines reminiscent of Gang of Four and Wire; however, G. Green’s songs cover themes that may well be very dear to my heart (if not all of ours) – bad sex, heartbreak, drunkenness, frustration, ambivalence about everything and more. “Brain Fuck,” the latest single off the album manages to retain some of the band’s rollicking sound but keeps the hooks tight and furious, with a greater emphasis on shouted choruses. At the end of the day, this song should make you want to raise up a beer with a friend while shouting and stomping around like you’ve lost your mind.