As an American and as a New Yorker, it’s sometimes quite easy to have blinders on to music scenes anyplace else around the world – and I often think many blogs miss out on what’s going on outside of a narrow vision of a particular genre or particular scene. Somehow, such narrowness is boring and extremely limiting when there’s so much interesting stuff to pay attention to from all over the world – and all of it as conversing with each other. 

Now, if you’re even dimly familiar with contemporary Swedish music, the costal city of Gothenburg has developed a reputation for a particular pop sound that many local artists have considered both an honor and a smothering set of expectations. And a number of that city’s up-and-coming artists have been attempting to redefine the city’s sound. Formerly known as School, up-and-coming Swedish quartet School 94 have a sound that should be warmly familiar to you many of you – shimmering guitars, swirling synths, sinuous bass lines, (at times) and tribal drumming paired with ethereal and plaintive vocals. In some way, the track bears an uncanny resemblance to moody 80s New Wave; in particular, I’m reminded of Siouxsie and the Banshees and others.