Author: William Ruben Helms

I'm a music blogger, critic and photographer, who has had articles and photos published in The New York Press, New York Magazine's Vulture Blog, Ins&Outs Magazine, The Noise Beneath the Apple, Glide Magazine, The Whiskey Dregs Magazine and others.

Producer Exile and emcee Johaz are teaming up as Dag Savage, and they’ll release their first EP together through Dirty Science Records on January 13th. But they’ve recently released the Salvation mixtape which includes guest appearances by […]

The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra were recently invited by Hype Mag to do a live session of “Jam We Did,” off their fantastic 2011 release, Character Farm and Other Stories, an album which was on this blog’s […]

If you’re familiar with contemporary electronic dance music, Kim Ann Foxman’s name should be pretty familiar as she’s a producer, DJ and former member of Hercules and Love Affair. She’s finally releasing her debut solo […]

Slim Twig recently released his latest album, A Hound at the Hem through his label and Toronto’s Pleasance Records. Paying tribute to Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita and Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson the album is reportedly a surreal album […]