Author: William Ruben Helms

I'm a music blogger, critic and photographer, who has had articles and photos published in The New York Press, New York Magazine's Vulture Blog, Ins&Outs Magazine, The Noise Beneath the Apple, Glide Magazine, The Whiskey Dregs Magazine and others.

French techno producer Vitalic’s eagerly anticipated third album, Rave Age will see a November 6th release from PIAS America. On his previous releases, Vitalic has a reputation for laser-guided techno but on the album’s first single, “Stamina,” […]

“Hey, man/is that Freedom Rock?/Yeah?/Turn it off!” is one of the funniest refrains I’ve heard in a song in quite some time, and you’ll hear it on the Intelligence’s latest single, “Hippy Provider.” With it’s […]

Razor and Tie Records just released the Sword’s fourth full-length release, Apocryphon yesterday, and to celebrate the occasion “Veil of Isis,” the album’s lead off track was the free iTunes download of the week, and the […]

Originally based in Southern Illinois and now based in Los Angeles, the duo of Ashton and Caleb Bird, a.k.a Tweak Bird have released a sweaty and intense video for “The Weight, ” which from what […]

Mute Records and Spoon Records recently announced that they will be releasing a 5 LP Box set of legendary German rock band CAN‘s Lost Tapes on 180g vinyl. But like many other box sets, there’s a rather […]

As I mentioned in a previous post, the other day was Chuck Berry’s 86th birthday, and in honor of the rock legend’s birthday, check out this great live footage of Berry playing “My Ding-A-Live” in […]

The legendary Chuck Berry celebrated his 86th birthday the other day (October 18th, actually), and in honor of one of rock’s forefather’s check out this live footage of Chuck Berry with John Lennon – yes, […]

The Los Angeles skater/slacker punk band FIDLAR get their name from a popular skater acronym which stands for “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk.” Lyrically and sonically, they’re the sort of band that’s perfect for […]