Author: William Ruben Helms

I'm a music blogger, critic and photographer, who has had articles and photos published in Premier Guitar Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, The New York Press, New York Magazine's Vulture Blog, Ins&Outs Magazine, The Noise Beneath the Apple, Glide Magazine, The Whiskey Dregs Magazine and others.

Consisting of three siblings Daniel, Luke and Sarah Spencer, along with Luke Walsh, the Brisbane, Australia-based quartet, Blank Realm have developed a reputation for their ecstatic live performances and the amiable way they manage to […]

Advertisements DJ Element, one of the members of the great Brown Bag AllStars crew, is releasing his debut effort as a producer, Reality, Kings & Reason today. “Complex Individuals” is the first single from Element’s debut, […]

// Old School Classics – Vol. 1 by Mega Brain Productions on Mixcloud After paying G.E.D Soul Records’s incredible tribute to Philly soul drummer Earl Young, the next cloudcast on the queue was Mega Brain […]

// Boom-Chaka-Doong! The sounds of Philly drummer the Mighty Earl Young. by G.E.D. Soul Records on Mixcloud The folks at Nashville, TN-based G.E.D. Soul Records recently did a cloudcast that pays tribute to the Philly-soul […]