Based in Los Angeles, CA, pr0files is an electro indie pop duo which consists of long-time collaborations Lauren Pardini (vocals and keys) and Danny Sternbaum (production and guitars). Interestingly, their collaboration together six years ago was a band called the Boy Traveller and the band included a guy who went by his birth name Sonny Moore – you might know him by Skrillex. Pardini went on with write for DJ Khalil’s camp and was responsible for writing tracks for Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, as well as with Corin Riddick of Purity Ring, and a brief stint in Silver Lake Chorus. Sternbaum in the meantime started his own band, Baby Monster – and with Baby Monster, Sternbaum has toured with Klaxons, Miike Snow and Metric, and he has remixed tracks by the likes of Ellie Goulding, Gorillaz, Foster the Children, and Miami Horror.

Sonically, the duo of Pardini and Sternbaum have a sound that bears a resemblance to Beacon, a personal favorite of mine of late. Much like Beacon, pr0fiiles sound is heavily influenced by early 90s R&B and has an icy, darkly seductive sound that conveys a sense of late night regret and confusion, as you’ll hear on “Call Yourself A Lover." 

but it has an icy feel all while being darkly seductive as you’ll hear on "Call Yourself A Lover."