Bestial Mouths have one of coolest band names I’ve heard in recent memory, and their debut, self-titled album will drop on June 25th through Clan Destine Records (word play y’all?). “Reunion” is the first single from the album and in the track you’ll hear quite a bit of noisy, industrial clang and banging that makes the track seem as though it were a cousin to anything by A Place to Bury Strangers, with elements of electronica and goth music. In fact, vocalist Lynette Cerezo’s has been compared to the great goth vocalists – SIouxsie Sioux, Lydia Lunch and others. But interestingly enough, there’s an underlying fragility to the material that you’ll hear both in Cerezo’s vocals and in the synths. Sonically, it’s one of the strangest and yet most interesting songs I’ve come across this year – with it’s layered sound, it bears repeated listens.