Bleachers is the side project of Jack Antonoff best known as the lea guitarist of the Grammy Award winning fun. Co-produced by the legendary Vince Clarke, best known for his work with Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure, and John Hill (who has worked with MIA, Jay Z, and others), Strange Desire will be Antonoff’s solo debut, slated for a July 15 release through RCA Records. 

“Shadow,” the second and latest single is inspired by a New Yorker article Antonoff read about how everyone has a shadow – a lesser version of themselves that only they can see. And it usually isn’t very pleasant. Interestingly, the song sonically has a breezy Caribbean/World music air, thanks to the guitar and looped drum beat and a somewhat retro feel; in some way, the track bears a resemblance to the Talking Heads – think of something like “(Nothing But) Flowers,” and you’ll know what I mean.