Blood:: Muscles:: Bones is the sophomore full-length effort from the Bay Area-based duo Street Eaters, and it comes after several years of relentless global touring. Recorded on tape during a heatwave in Portland, OR, the material on the new album bears a similarity to Ex Cult in the sense that it was heavily inspired by life on the road – of a two seat compact truck cramped with gear, basement shows. shows in abandoned Hungarian aluminum factories, smoked-filled, practice rooms in Japan, medieval French catacombs, and other places. In other words, it exudes sweat, blood, frustration and urgency. 

“Reverse” is the latest single off the band’s forthcoming effort – slated for a June 17 release – and the it’s track consisting of blistering, fiery guitars, and call and response lyrics. it’s a perfect song for moshing in a small, sweaty room.