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New Video: The Melancholy Visuals and Sounds of Vansire’s “Postal Codes”

Comprised of Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller, the Rochester, MN-based indie rock band Vansire can trace their origins to both Augustin and Winemiller playing music together in a number of musical settings, as part of […]

New Video: The Film Noir-Inspired Visuals for ASTR’s Sensual, New Single

Building upon a growing national profile, the duo recently released their highly-anticipated sophomore EP Homecoming, which features “Bleeding Love” and have completed a North American tour with Ryn Weaver and Holychild. “Get So High,” the duo’s latest single pairs Silverman’s sultry and soulful pop-belter vocals with a slick and chilly production consisting of Silverman’s chopped up vocals to create a lushly layered harmonies, stuttering and skittering drum programming, subtly ominously swirling electronics and an anthemic hook to craft a hyper-modern, radio-friendly song that manages to be a bit of a lament and an urgent plea as the song’s narrator seems to be losing a realistic view of their relationship.

Produced by Dre Films, the video for “Get So High,” “continues my visceral obsession with horror film noir and twisted dark fantasy. The song is about crossing the line and losing site of reality. In this instance my character poses as an undercover bandit who takes it too far and kills her victim. This video tells a black widow tale, what starts as a fun night turns south and we question the illuslsion of who we really are. False Intentions shift from good times and cocaine highs to a murder and take all,” the duo’s Silverman explains about the seductive and fucked up video.

New Video: The Girl Power Visuals for Gothic Tropic’s “Stronger”

Perhaps best known as a touring and session guitarist for Charli XCX and BØRNS, Los Angeles, CA-based guitarist and vocalist Cecilia Della Peruti is also the creative mastermind behind up-and-coming act Gothic Tropic, a band whose New Wave-leaning sound is indebted to the likes of the Go-Gos The B52s and others as angular and punchy guitar chords are paired with a propulsive rhythm section, Peruti’s sultry vocals and an infectious hook as you’ll hear on their latest single “Stronger.”

Interestingly, the recently released music video cuts between footage of Peruti and her backing band performing the song in a studio and splices it with footage of a series of badass, confident women doing their thing, which naturally will instill the fact that the song is a modern feminist anthem about inner strength and resolve, determination and empowerment. You go, girl, indeed.

New Video: The Playful Visuals for Teeth and Tongue’s New Wave-Leaning “Dianne”

“Dianne,” the first single off the Melbourne-based quartet’s forthcoming album Give Up On Your Health reveals a band that has gone through a change in sonic direction — with the band taking up an angular, dance floor friendly New Wave/post-punk sound reminiscent of Blondie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ It’s Blitz! and Dirty Ghosts as the Australian band pairs angular guitar chords, ambient synths, a propulsive rhythm section and anthemic hook with Cornelius’ sultry vocals. Lyrically, the song describes a character that went through something traumatic when she was small, and it’s an event that not only lingers but finds ways to reverberate in every aspect of her life — and Cornelius does so with a novelist’s attention to psychological detail and rapidly changing mental states of a troubled teen/young woman.

The recently released music video features the members of the band playing and goofing off in what clearly appears to be a young woman’s bedroom and it evokes both a playfulness and a brooding darkness that’s just starting to brew.

New Video: Hanging out with Twin River in Europe for “Settle Down”

Conceived as the brainchild of founding members and primary songwriters Courtney Ewan and Andy Bishop, the members of the Vancouver, BC-based garage pop/indie rock quintet Twin River has expanded upon their sound throughout their first few recorded efforts — with 2012’s Rough Gold EP possessing a swooning and swaying sound and their full-length debut Should The Light Go Out had the band stepping up the tempo quite a bit; however, “Settle Down,” the second single off the band’s sophomore full-length effort Passing Shade reveals that the band has refined their sound yet again — with the material leaning towards the reverb-heavy, shimmering and jangling guitar pop of The Smiths, complete with thoughtful and earnest lyrics and some stunningly gorgeous guitar work.

The recently released music video captures some of the members of the band driving through Europe, presumably while on tour and features them goofing off and exploring with a sense of awe and wonder.

Live Footage: Seattle’s Preeminent Brazilian act En Canto Performing “E Prohibido Cochilar”

The album’s latest single “E Prohibido Cochilar” will cement the septet’s burgeoning reputation for breezily coquettish and propulsive music that will make you get off your ass and dance, thanks to a spacious and swinging arrangement that allows room for each musician to play strutting and stomping solos — with De Roos and Maschler playing impressively lengthy solos.

New Video: Mello Music Re-Releases Another Single from a Rare Early 200os Collaborative Effort Featuring Ice-T, Kool Keith and Others

. The third and latest single “More Freaks” features a collective of emcees rhyming about pimping, hustling, being a bigger badass than anyone else, complete with ridiculous pop culture references, surreal imagery and punch lines that are both hilarious and morally bankrupt over a sample that features a looped horn sample and enormous, old school-leaning boom bap drum programming reminiscent of a sleazier version of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Lov

New Video: The Shimmering Sounds and Gorgeously Trippy Visuals for Corbu’s “Battles”

“Battles,” the latest single off the duo’s highly-anticipated dull-length debut Crayon Soul is a cinematic track with a soaring and anthemic hook paired with a shimmering and breezy melodies and plaintive vocals to craft a sound that’s reminiscent to Moonbabies and M83. As the band’s Jonathan Graves explains in press notes, the recently released video for “Battles” is a scene from a larger movie in its creators’ heads. “Every piece of artwork we make is a snapshot from it. Nothing you see is in order as far as the story, but it’s more fun that way. You have to put the pieces together yourself.” And as you’ll see the animated video is a mesmerizing, futuristic epic adventure with some gorgeous and trippy visuals.