Claiming the likes of Ornette Coleman and Merle Haggard as his influences, raised in Atlanta, GA and now based in Los Angeles, CA, singer/songwriter Charlie Greene has a rather interesting story — he’s the son of a touring singer/songwriter, the grandson of a big band leader during the 40s and 50s, and his great-grandfather used to pick the banjo; so music is in his blood. As a songwriter his singles “I’m Going Inside” and  album title track"Lost and Found,“ (which is coincidentally the latest single off his latest album, Lost and Found) bear a similarity to Caitlin Rose’s work – it has a sweet, very pretty easy going AM radio easy-listening vibe and country twang, that belies material that actually conveys an aching, desperate yearning that you can hear in Greene’s vocals. Although I’m posting this track in the morning – it’s more out of sheer coincidence – it actually sounds as though you can easily play it right before closing time at a lonely, shithole honky tonk.