Comprised of a drummer, a percussionist and guy behind laptops, synths and various other electronic devices, the up-and-coming Bologna, Italy-based electronica trio have started to make waves internationally for a sound and approach that may remind some listeners of the likes of Austin, TX’s, The Octopus Project and of France’s Chateau Marmont – in other words experimental, at times futuristic and yet almost playfully accessible, as you’ll see and hear on this live footage of the Italian trio at Audiotree Live. Comprised of a jaunty and bouncy synth pop, propulsive percussion and a slowly unfurling motorik groove"Wireless" sounds much like how I would envision The Octopus Project covering Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express. “Domino” is much more ominous and menacing, and manages to sound as though it could be part of the soundtrack of a post apocalyptic thriller as done by Giorgio Moroder himself. And yet both are quietly trippy and full of small and hidden sonic wonders. The chiming bells during “Wireless” is a gorgeous and unexpected addition and the undulating sound of “Domino” manages to add it’s sense of menace. 

The Italian trio are on a Stateside tour that will also have them making a couple of prerequisite stops here in NYC including tomorrow night at Bar Matchless and on the 23rd at Trash Bar as part of the massive CMJ Festival.