Comprised of Joe Manzoli and Jon Neilten, ginla is a Brooklyn/Toronto, ON-based production duo, whose members originally met while college students in Boston. After working in a number of different musical projects, Manzoli and Neilten decided that they should start their own project together last year as ginla. And originally, the project began with the duo making experimental bedroom recordings, and then relocating to a home studio based in an Ontario farm this year to work on their debut EP. Dreaming in Circles.

And with its layers of skittering percussion, swirling electronics, cascading synth chords, paired with ethereally crooned vocals, the EP’s first single “Things You Have” bears an uncanny resemblance to the likes of Beacon’s latest work – as there’s a tension between lush composition and a taut minimalism where each note and each beat isn’t wasted.