Comprised of Julia Ringdahl (vocals and guitar), Ellen Petersson (horns and electronics) and Liam Amner (drums), the Swedish trio of Hey Elbow have developed a reputation for a sound that employs (and meshes) elements of jazz, electronica and distortion to create some extremely eccentric pop music with a large, almost arena-rock like sound.

“Martin,” the second single off the band’s forthcoming full-length debut, starts off with thundering yet jazz-inspired drumming, layers of angular synths, angular guitars and swirling electronics, followed by Ringdahl’s ethereal vocals, which manage to float through a tumultuous, cacophonous mix, are comprised of the repetition of one line eight times with subtle variations in melody before switching to wordless singing that further plays with the song’s melody. Yes, it’s artsy and complex but the members of Hey Elbow manage to do so in a way that’s playful and accessible.