Comprised of Lacey Guthrie (accordion, keys, vocals), Maryliz Bender (drums, guitar and vocals), Kevin “Twinderella” Ratterman (guitars, pedals, effects, etc.) and Sara Pitt (credited with “everything you see”). the Louisville, KY-based quartet of Twin Limb are shrouded in mystery and a sci-fi backstory that has the quartet as the heroes of an alternate reality in which the accordion is a par to the universal language. They later became stranded in our plane of existence after defeating a quantum bear invasion … Yeah, I know, it’s gloriously absurd and yet fitting.

Their latest single “Long Shadow” is slow burning and dreamy dirge comprised of droning accordion, drums fed through layers of reverb and pairs them with atmospheric guitar chords, brief bursts of string and gorgeous vocals. In some way, the song sounds at hough ti should have been released in 1996 – it possesses a subtly psychedelic feel while being moody and foreboding that may remind listeners of several past and contemporary acts including London Grammar, The Raveonettes and others but breezier.