Comprised of long-time music veterans Jimmy Sweet who was a member of the San Francisco, CA-based punk band Richmond Sluts, a touring member of Hot Hot Heat, and 70s cover band, Goodtime Boys; Samy Jo, who has been a prominent member of Mexico’s rock scene, as she cut her first album when she was 16 and has been involved in projects with musicians Rod Splendor (Neon Lion), Ronco Muc (Los McAllister), and award-winning producer Stefano Vieni (Vieni); and bassist, Danie Espinoza was a member of Hands and Welfare, the Los Angeles-based trio of Lady Low got their start earlier this year when Sweet and Samy Jo met atThe Drawing Room bar. Sweet had just returned from living in London and Samy Jo had just relocated from Mexico City.

At the time Sweet was looking to start what he had dubbed a “romance rock” band and Samy Jo was so intrigued that she immediately joined up. After auditioning a number of bassists, Espinoza turned out to be the perfect fit for the band. And they quickly went into the studio to record a cover of The Vibrators seminal track, “Baby Baby.”

Although their sound has been compared to the likes of The Kills, Metric, and The Joy Formidable, I doubt that; to my ears, their sound bears more of a resemblance to Wall of Sound-era Phil Spector, of 60s bubblegum pop ballads. In fact, Lady Low’s cover adds a sweet, lush sheen to the original, along with some gorgeous harmonies and a lush melody that brings the original song back about a full decade.