Comprised of Matt Van Schie, best known for his work as the bassist, guitarist and founding member of the Sydney, Australia-based band Van She, and renowned, London-based producer, remixer, DJ and electronic music artist Mighty Mouse, best known for his work on tracks by Madonna, Gil Scott-Heron, Prince, Kate Bush and a popular reworking of ABBA, the duo of Du Tonc can trace their formation to a chance meeting at Paris’s Social Club, where both were playing back in 2010.

Their debut single “Darkness" was released to critical applause in 2013 and after they recorded a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” last year, they spent the bulk of 2014 writing, recording and putting together a live show for a tour. Now if you’ve been following JOVM for  a little bit, you might remember their previous single “Every Song,” which sounded as though it owed a debt to Daft Punk and Phoenix as the track was a breezy pop track comprised of four-on-the-floor drums, shimmering  Nile Rodgers-styled guitar lines, sinuous bass, swirling electronics, gently undulating synths and plaintive vocals – simply put it was effortlessly funky with a subtle sensuality at its core. Their latest single “Animals” continues the duo’s reputation for crafting breezy, effortlessly funky dance pop; however, the latest single subtly nods towards house music as the song employs the use of gently cascading synths along with their usual shimmering guitar lines, sinuous bass, swirling electronics and plaintive, introspective vocals. Much like “Every Song,” their latest single “Animals” manages to effortlessly mesh neo disco, old school disco and electronic dance music in way that’s breezy and infectiously funky.