Comprised of Simon Minó (drums, vocals), Felix Mårtensson (guitar), Erik Blondell (bass) and Martin Nilsson (guitar), the Malmö, Sweden-based quartet of RA have developed a quickly developed a reputation across their native Sweden and Scandinavia for a towering noisy sound paired with howled vocals that owes equally debts to A Place to Bury Strangers as it does to Joy Division – and for a live show that has a “fuck you, we’re more punk than you” attitude. As a result, they’ve played some of that regions biggest festivals including – Copenhagen’s Psych Fest, Fritz’s Corner and the 2014 Roskilde Festival.

With the forthcoming release of the Swedish quartet’s full-length debut, Scandinavia, the group is set to make a mark on the global map. “These Days,” the first single off the forthcoming album starts off with abrasive and angular bass and guitar chords that bear an uncanny resemblance to Joy Division before it turns into a churning, towering aural assault. Structurally, the song does something quite different – the song explodes out of the gate but contains brief quieter sections which heighten the anxiety and dread within the song. 

Play this one loud – extremely loud. Then mosh. And repeat.