CYMBALS are a London, UK-based trio whose initial releases owed a debt to the quick, angular and anxious bursts of sound which have been popularly used in post punk and later in New Wave – but to slightly different effect; however, the trio’s latest effort, The Age of Fracture, an album which takes its name from Daniel T. Rogers’ 2012 book, Age of Fracture reveals a radical change in sonic direction for the trio, as their sound leans much more towards the slickly produced synth-based rock of New Order, Depeche Mode, and others. Coincidentally, it’s also an incredibly contemporary sound as it also bears an uncanny resemblance to the likes of Cut Copy, St. Lucia, and countless others.

Fracture was released to critical praise earlier this year, and as a follow up to the album, CYMBALS are releasing an extremely limited physical 7 inch single, titled What Eternity – although neither side of the 7 inch actually has a single under that title. In any case, “Talk To Me” is the A side single from the 7 inch and one of the band’s most recently recorded songs as the band put the finishing touches on it as late as September. Much like the bands that have inspired their current sound, the song builds up a steady, almost motorik groove based around layers of synths, sinuous guitar fed through reverb, and plaintive vocals. And lyrically, as the CYMBALS’ Jack Cleverly notes, the material may be some of the band’s most introspective and thoughtful to date. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the song has a fittingly subtle wistful tone to it.