Deriving their name from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, the Peak Twins are a New York-based electronica duo of Lloydski and TK Lawrence, who have been around the city’s electronic dance music scene for over 15 years. And while the contemporary techno scene leans heavily on “ hard” house and “deep” house,“ the duo decided to explore house’s more melodic style and as you’ll hear on "Pump Me Up,” the first single off the duo’s long-awaited debut effort, the sound is reminiscent of the early 90s house. In fact, the song complete with big bass and drums, hand claps, sinuous synths and a repeated vocal sample, the song immediately brings to mind groups like Black Box, C&C Music Factory, CeCe Penniston and others. Oh, memories!

And yet while you listen to the song, it will make you want to dance like you were 18-19-20 at Webster Hall.