First, I have to change things up a bit, since the earlier part of the day focused on singer/songwriters and the like, and I feel as though we need to pick up the pace … If you’re a real hip-hop head, you know that Madlib is one of the genre’s most inventive and most unique-sounding producers.

Madlib has had a long-running instrumental series Beat Konducta, and each installment of the series has focused on a particular genre or particular area of interest – Movie Scenes is pretty self-explanatory; Beat Konducta in India had Madlib focusing on found sounds from Bollywood and other Indian genres; A Tribute to J. Dilla focused on the work of the beloved producer; Beat Konducta in Africa focused on the African rock scene of the 70s with an intense focus on Zambia’s Zamrock; and interestingly enough, the fifth installment, Rock Konducta focus on garage rock – but in a global sense across the 60s through 80s and includes American psychedelia to Germany’s Krautrock to acid-soaked Spanish prog to synthy, early-80s oddities.“Black Dreams (Sludge Fight)” is a sludgy, buzzing instrumental that sounds as though the source recordings were repeatedly dipped in acid and singed, while maintaining an edgy funk.