Fronted by Analise Nelson, the sextet of Anabot has a sound that employs elements of funk, electronica, soul music and chamber music with an anachronistic element and aesthetic that immediately brings Janelle Monae to mind. “Candy-Eyed,” the latest single off Anabot’s forthcoming Kiss Like A Knife EP features electric cello paired with muscularly insistent synths, rapid-fire, four-on-the-floor drumming, warm bursts of horn, which sound inspired by mariachi bands, and Nelson’s seductive vocals.

And as Nelson has admitted in an interview “Candy-Eyed "speaks to a state of mind of being so enthralled with something beautiful that it begins to warp everything that you are…” In fact, the entire song is written with a very dizzying, almost trance-like seductiveness that feels impulsive and irresistible.