If there’s one thing you’d have to know about me it’s this: I’ve been a huge Talking Heads fan since I was a small boy, and the first time I saw Stop Making Sense, I can remember being absolutely enthralled by it.

And if you’ve followed this site regularly over the last few months, you’d remember that I had written about a production duo by the name of The Golden Pony. They had remixed Little Daylight’s “My Life” turning their contemporary pop sound into a percussive, synth-based, 80s-inspired dance song with a glitchy vocal sample.

The duo released a remix of The Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” and their remix further cements the duo’s reputation for crafting a slick, synth-based house music sound. In fact, the duo retain the sardonic feel and  anxiousness of the original song, thanks to David Byrne’s vocals while turning into a propulsive, club banger. Murder on the dancefloor? Well, sure. why not?