If you frequently follow this blog, you know that I often cover and present a wild variety of music, and that reading this blog can be a dizzying and world spanning experience. But deep in my heart, I often wonder if I was a DJ in  past life because I often find my ear going towards the most danceable, funkiest thing possible. Perhaps I’m really mother’s son, since she used to play a lot of disco records when I was small …

Jungle are breakout stars in their native UK and with the release of “Busy Earnin’” off the collective’s forthcoming self-titled album, they’ve won quite a bit of attention Stateside for a sound that bears a resemblance to both to Escort — thanks to the horn section and the fact that it sounds heavily influenced by old school disco, and to the Stereo MCs„ thanks to an incredibly catchy hook. 

The latest single “Time” manages to owe a more subtle debt to disco, as the chorus reminds me a little bit of Slave’s “Just A Touch of Love“ and a couple of old disco songs I heard as a child, complete with a sinuous, smoldering funky feel. 

The official video includes a joyous dance routine between a black man and a white man that ultimately suggests that fully enjoying the ubiquitous now and a funky song can actually lead to peace – I think they’re pretty right about that.