If you’ve been following JOVM for some time, you may have come across a few posts on the Toronto, ON-based producer and electronic music artist Robert Alfons, who goes by the moniker TR/ST. His self-titled debut was released to both critical praise and commercial success – major publications and websites such as Vice, Pitchfork and The Guardian praised the album, and the album was nominated for a Juno Award. Alfons’ sophomore effort Joyland was also released to critical praise; however, the album revealed a change of sonic direction – the sound was arguably cleaner and more more pop-oriented, while possessing a muscular forcefulness. 

After a world tour to support Joyland, Alfons managed to write and record material for a forthcoming EP and that EP’s first single “Slug’ is both a continuation of the sound he developed on his sophomore effort and simultaneously a subtle refinement of that sound. Alfons’ vocals are submerged behind layers of buzzing and pulsing synths as the song evokes an anxious, existential crisis – one that’s entirely danceable. Interestingly, the song bears a dim resemblance to Snap!’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer” as it’s menacing but airier.