If you’ve been frequenting JOVM for a bit, you might recall a post on Ron Fliegar. Originally signed to Warner Music as a singer/songwriter when he was 22, Flieger has recently made a name for himself internationally  for remixing the work of Crystal Fighters, Atlas Genius, The Ting Tings, Foster The People and Ladyhawke with his remixes receiving over 400,000 plays on Soundcloud, landing multiple top 10 positions on the Hype Machine charts, and features on BBC Radio, indie Shuffle, Electronic Beats and Red Bull Music.

Adding to a growing profile, Flieger’s debut track “All I Want” received 40,000 streams in a few weeks after its release, with several international stations including FluxFM and Sweden’s P3 radio adding the song to their rotations, and as a result of both the national and international attention that the singer/songwriter received, Universal Music Group signed Flieger earlier this year. After hearing “All I Want,” you’ll see why Flieger and this single have received international attention as the breezy summer song is comprised of house music and hip hop-inspired beats, a looped bluesy guitar riff, swirling electronics and Fileger’s seductive croon. It’s honestly the sort of song you’d want to hear just as you were hitting on that pretty young thing at the club – or while you’re hooking up with that pretty young thing, complete with an infectiously catchy hook.

Fliegar “’Til Sunrise” may arguably cement the singer/songwriter and producer’s reputation for crafting infectiously catchy, radio-friendly, summer pop songs – the sort of pop songs that mesh electronic production (in the form of synths and beats) with instrumentation. This single and his previously released single manage to be incredibly flirtatious and sweet, in the fashion that you’d expect almost all summer pop songs to be; and if you can’t imagine hearing someone play this track at the beach or at the club, there’s something deeply wrong with you.