If yo’ve been following JOVM for some time, you might remember that Boys Noize‘s Out of the Black landed at number 8 on this site’s Best of 2012 list, as that album was arguably one of the most sonically challenging yet accessible electronica/EDM albums I’ve heard that year and in quite some time. Although undeniably influenced by genre pioneers and fellow countrymen, Kraftwerk, Boys Noize’s sound on that album also slickly meshed elements of contemporary house and EDM. Complete with glitchy samples, skittering percussion with room-rocking beats. But the German producer and electronic music artist has also been one of the more experimental producers and artists in recent memory and his label, which is named after him, manages to release some of the most challenging and interesting electronica. 

So we have live footage of Boys Noize at the House of Vans, Berlin and it should offer a great taste of what to expect for his live set at Output in Williamsburg this Sunday. You’ll notice that album tracks are reimagined in ways that you wouldn’t have thought of as grooves are extended and song structures played with in ways that are familiar and yet alien, and balances finesse with pure power in a way that most DJs seem incapable of.