Initially Davida Loca began Part Time as a solo, side recording project in the 90s and 00s while he was playing with Austin, TX-based bands including Toko Ri Get High, The Dazzling King Solomon Band, and with Oakland, CA-based band Time Flys. Interestingly, Part Time is a departure from what Loca had began to be known for – we’re talking about lo-fi, synth pop comprised of old Casio keyboards, 4 track tape machines, electric guitars and old drum machines. But the project became a full-time project back in 2011 when labels, fans and the blogosphere began responding to Loca’s sound – a sound that coincidentally will remind listeners of the synth pop of the 80s as you’ll hear on “Merchandise,” the first single off H.F.M, a collection of previously unreleased and never heard Part Time songs written over the past 9 years. 

I’ve played “Merchandise” several times and every single time I’ve been reminded of some 80s British New Wave act; in fact, the song sounds as though it could have easily been a Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order B side that die-hard fans know about and have quietly traded for years.