Life Leone is a singer/songwriter guitarist who’s been praised for a feedback-filled fuzz rock that has reminded some critics and journalists for its uncanny resemblance to the likes of Dinosaur, Jr.; in other words, underneath the fuzzy, bristling feedback is a bleeding and sensitive heart. But interestingly enough, he has one of the more interesting biographies I’ve come across this year…

Leone’s parents were on a volunteer mission in Laos, when he was born. His parents eventually relocated to Joshua Tree, CA. And as a teenager, Leone met Nicky Hopkins, the legendary guitarist for The Kinks, who taught Leone the basics needed to peak his interest in music. As he was becoming more serious about music, the California-based singer/songwriter found himself drawn to the Coachella Valley area’s punk, grunge and garage rock scenes. And when he was 17, he began touring with desert rock pioneers Slo Burn.

He eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where he fronted the more anthemic indie rock band, The Ross Sea Party. But some time later, he moved to Vietnam, where spent time working as a guitar craftsman – and naturally, he was deeply inspired by the culture and music and it was probably one of this most artistically productive periods. But he found himself returning to California, where his sound became what you’ll hear on “Is This Love?,” the first single off Come Crashing In.

Lyrically, the material is not only approachable but introspective, confessional and earnest in a rather unexpected yet visceral way. It makes the buzzing anthemic feel of the song much more potent. And holy shit, this guy can write a catchy hook.