Meanwhile is an up-and-coming British electro pop sensation who has received praise from the likes of The GuardianNME, Noisey and others for an 80s-inspired, seductive synth sound reminiscent of 1999 and Purple Rain-era Prince, and Yaz, as well as contemporary acts such as Rush Midnight and others. “Bigger City” is his latest single, and it follows off the heavily acclaimed debut single “Lulvetta” and sonically, I think it shows the British artist as someone to look out for – the track is slickly produced and comprised of layers upon layers of sinuous, seductive synths, vocals cooed in a come hither falsetto and explosive blasts of drum machine. 

Much like Rush Midnight, Meanwhile’s work manages to sound as though it could have easily been released in 1983 or 1984 while being remarkably contemporary.