Musings: Vote!!!!


Today is Election Day here in the States. After eating lunch, I’ll go to my polling place to cast my ballot, and as I’ve done in every election I’ve voted in since I was 18, I will be voting for — and with the following in mind:

  • All of my ancestors, who were denied the ability to vote and suffered through slavery and Jim Crow
  • Malcolm X, MLK, John Lewis, Rosa Parks and the countless extraordinary brothers and sisters known (as well as nameless), who sacrificed time, blood, limb and life for me to vote in every single election
  • Friends, loved ones, colleagues and associates in the LGBTQ community
  • Immigrants and refugees
  • Stopping demagogues, fascists, neo-Nazis, racists and opportunists from destroying everything, robbing Americans blind
  • Ensuring democracy for future generations in this country


This election and every single election is the most important one of your life. So if you’re able to vote, please do so. It’s punk as fuck, man.

Also fuck Donald Trump!

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