Nashville, TN-based singer/songwriter and indie pop artist Lauren Strahm writes, performs and records under the moniker Fleurie. And with the Fleurie project, Strahm has developed a reputation for meshing a singer/songwriter approach with an uncanny ear for electro pop. “Fire In My Bones,” the first single off Strahm’s forthcoming Arrows EP pairs atmospheric synths, propulsive and tribal drums with Strahm’s effortless vocals in a way that channels contemporary artists such as Phoebe Ryan, CAPPA, Chelsea Lankes and others. 

As Strahm explains, “’Fire In My Bones’  is a picture of hope and fear battling for control inside of me. It’s chaos and calm coexisting, and the emotional landscape that dynamic creates.” And throughout the song, there’s a palpable tension that holds an extremely ethereal song together and propels it forward before the song dissipates like smoke.